Who Are We, Whats This For

So, we are a family of four on our journey to a dream.

In 2015 mummy and daddy (who weren’t mummy and daddy then) decided that the time was right to start a family. At the same time, we decided that we would love to travel the world and take our kids with us. so we embarked on a 5 year plan.

This blog has been created as a blog/diary for us so we can record our journey over the next few years and make it into a keepsake, probably a book. During this, if we can inspire others during our journey then thats great too.

Oh theres a wedding in the mix somewhere abroad too

Leaving Date January 2020

This is going to be a hell of a journey

New reading

I’d heard on a podcast that one way a young lady got inspired to travel when she was saving etc was to read books. Some travel themed and some that were just set in nice locations. With this in mind I popped into a book shop after breakfast with my father. Purchased this book. Turns out it’s not much about travelling but about a serial killer killing young girls in Norway and hanging them from a tree with the message ‘I’m travelling alone’ round their neck. I’m only 117 pages in but it’s a brilliant read. And set in Norway. Bonus


From the peace and quiet of our 5am bedroom, the 2 children had migrated into the bedroom with us. In between the jostling for bed space, the sun beging to rise as pumpkin says from her sleep ‘I’m on my holibobs today’

Seems she’s getting as excited as we are 🙂


So high on the agenda naturally is to get the girls passports but we needed some identification from the bank to prove Helen’s new name etc blah blah blah.

Today this was done. Next step

Passports 🙂